Our experiment in thinking about thinking is focussed on the daily life of people like you and me.

When we use the words DAILY LIFE and EVERYDAY we are referring to everything and anything going on during the 24 hours of the day, day after day, all life long.

Our daily lives are immensely varied - and always new. Although we consider many situations as repetitions of earlier ones, we know at the same time, that nothing ever repeats itself in exactly the same way.

Someone's DAILY LIFE is, thus, the sequence of everything he or she does and witnesses as the days pass.

EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES, then, include everything that human beings pick up everyday and any day from what goes on around them as well as the experiences they make as they act themselves.

EVERYDAY LEARNING - learning in daily life - encompasses all processes by which experiences from daily life leave traces in memory which can be activated if and when a given context allows that to happen.

EVERYDAY KNOWLEDGE thus embraces all knowledge available to individuals for thinking and action in the most varied situations - whenever they may arise.

EVERYDAY THINKING - thinking in daily life - embraces the whole spectrum of how human beings deal mentally with the world and with themselves, all of the uncountable and manifold kinds of processes of thinking (in the widest sense of the word) that are going on in life day after day as well as the individual processes themselves.